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I think Cam and I need a new adventure, first I gotta get her back home! Then I think we must venture to Canada 😉


We need to go run away, any good campsites around? GOing to Boston to see Cannons tomorrow 😀


First week back from spring break and I’m already ready for another break..worked for most of the week and had two road trips (second one I went and saw Cam and watched her play was awesome!) Even though her coach is a speed demon on the highway I was able to sucessfully follow the vans down to PA to watch the game and then made my way back slowly to Caz taking in a few sites and having a little fun. Left on sunday and drove right into a snowstorm (I know right? It’s March!) but made it back safely! Next road trip? suggestions? *stares at Cam creepily



KT here, since Cam has been posting so much I though it would be my turn! Just got back from a music education conference in Providence RI which was a blast. I had to drive the van down there and let’s just say I have never driven a 10 passenger van in my life so that was quite..uuhh..interesting.. the conference was amazing though. Spent the first two hours of friday morning in a West African drumming class, I also took an Indian/Native American style frame drumming class and a bunch of other classes that were amazing. I did try a few tech classes but both of those were horrible classes and I left both of them early because I couldn’t stand it anymore. (One was a Band in the Box one and another was audio visual equiptment one).  I took a couple of other classes on saturday about Gospel music, Jazz literacy, American Folk, and Music of the Pacific Islands. We stayed at the swanky Hilton Hotel (which really was not that swanky when we explored it but it was still a pretty nice hotel) and Saturday night the whole group of us that went decided to go to Fire and Ice for dinner. For those of you who don’t know about fire and Ice: . We also saw the Boston Brass in concert that night and those guys are always amazing. All and all it was a pretty great trip and I came home with some amazing books from GIA Publications and a brand new Bodrhan!



What’s goin’ on? Cam here. I’m supposed to be doing homework but I’d rather procrastinate. Sooo I just got back from my spring break trip last night at about 8. It was a pretty intense trip. We were supposed to play Methodist on Wednesday but the referees never showed up so we ended up playing Thursday which was better for us because it was colder and being from the north we were used to the frigid temps. Anyway we won the game 15-14 in OT but it came with a price. A girl from Methodist got fouled with 8 seconds left in the game and she was given a free position shot on me…which went in. I ended up having a panic/asthma attack and I caused a short pause in the game….whoops. Friday morning we traveled to the dirrty jerz to stay a night in Parsippany. Boy did Jersey live up to its nickname. We stayed at a Days Inn and apparently one of my team mates had a room with a door that led to a storage room. sketchy. Saturday morning we took a 45 minute trip to the bronx to play SUNY Maritime where we kicked butttttt. We won 17-4…no overtime. So the Cazenovia College Women’s Lacrosse Team is now 2-0 and we hope to keep that last digit a zero all season…oh interesting fact…apparently I now have 4 ground balls on the season. I don’t even remember getting those ground balls. Okay well now I am either going to work on homework or try to figure out this crazy college basketball bracket. I don’t understand why they have to put in 8-9 matchups…and I have no idea what I am going to do with UNC…and Wake Forest…and Uconn…and Duke…ohh I am screwed.



n90900306_30469955_2879460                 My team mate Erin and I at an arcade place in North Carolina.

                  Skee-ball is awesome. I dominate at air hockey.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Pena 🙂


Hey! Cam here actually blogging ’cause I want to…I’m pretty bored right now. We just got back from Red Robin where we had a nice team dinner. I had a chicken sandwich and it was pretty good. They had televisions in there that were showing the Duke-Unc game…I was upset with the outcome…I mean c’mon Gerald how about throwing down some more jams over Hansbrough?? WHERE WERE GREG’S THREE POINTERS??? I don’t think he even played…which sucks because he used to start. Earlier I almost talked my coach into taking the team to the Duke men’s lacrosse game verus Yale…ALMOST…I was pretty sure we were going to go but then we found out the game started at 1 and we were going to practice til 1. I was kinda disappointed and I couldn’t really focus during our tough practice at Methodist University. Everyone got some sun at practice today, it is such an intense change to go from 30 degrees and raining to 80 degrees and sunny. After practice we went to our hotel and got settled. Some of us showered and some of us decided to get more sun…I opted for a nice shower. My BFF Lana and I then decided to head over to the mall that is conveniently located right across from our hotel. I picked up a few Duke tees to add to my collection and a pair of stunna shades…they’re pretty sick. Welllll not that exciting right now but hopefully it’ll get better…I gotta get to bed ’cause we’re going to be running at 8 am tomorrow so i’ll holla back sometime.




Hey ya’ll…KT made me feel guilty about not blogging before I leave ’cause I probably won’t have much time to do it when I get back. Soo yes I am leaving for North Carolina tomorrow (Saturday) night around 7 or 8. I’m going with my college lacrosse team (Cazenovia College Women’s Lacrosse) and we’ll be down there for about 6 days practicing and we’ll be playing a game against Methodist on Wednesday. Friday we’re heading up to the dirty Jerz to spend a night in Parsippany and play a game against Maritime on Saturday on long island (where my all-time favorite lacrosse player Matt Danowski is from!!). I don’t really know what else to say…Duke and UNC men’s basketball play again this Sunday…so…GO DUKE!!…wish I was going to be at the Dean Dome. So that’s my upcoming trip…I still don’t believe anyone really reads this…but I’m out…peace!



I think Cam leaves for the south in just a few short days for a Lax tourney.

and I’m coutin down the days till my spring break MADNESS, I leave for Providence RI on the 12th of this month for a MENC conference and then off to Upstate NY to go tackle Cam on the 20th! it’s gonna be fun! Maybe Cam will put a post up after her trip 😉 so I can read about it too 😉photo-13


Alright, I was pushed into updating this. Cam and I haven’t really been on any adventures recently. Although I did have a little too much fun exploring Northern NH last week while waiting for a friend to finish up a 7hr interview :P. Made it to 7 different towns, 2 states, and wrote a paper for a class all in 7 hrs. Muahaha. I did find out that muddy dirt back roads are very fun to drive on for a couple hours. But your car can get very dirty ;). I also found that there are actually towns upnorth that are not mapped and it is more fun than anyone realizes to actually hang out in a walmart parking lot for a while and shaws parking lots are the best place to take an undisturbed nap?? Yeah, I just think about all stuff so you all don’t have to.

Btw, go read the book Coraline! It’s a short read and very creepy, but good!