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Countin’ down

n44603655_30974345_7346Almost time to head out, Cam and I cannot wait to head on out of here early early saturday morning! We think we have our entire route and time down there planned and mapped out, only a few fuzzy spots here and there. We figure we’ll just wing it! Only what? almost two more days to go? We’re starting to pack everything, the list keeps getting longer and longer. But I have a fairly big trunk 😉

Here’s a question and let’s see if we get any responses. If you went on a road trip and only could bring 5 things, what would they be?


4 Responses to “Countin’ down”

  1. Money
    Credit/Debit Card
    Charger for phone
    Camera (fully charged, and take pics with phone when battery dies)

  2. money
    phone + charger

  3. Oh can a charger count as one thing with the phone?

    Money (which includes credit/debit card)
    Phone with charger
    Car (haha yeah that might be good)
    Camera with charger
    iPod with charger

    Who needs a map/gps? It’s an adventure, just go with it! Haha

  4. i went with a gps because I don’t wanna end up in the wrong part of town or if i do i want a quick exit. 🙂

    What’s up ladies? updates? anything? Hope the trip is going well!!! 😀

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