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Suuuuup ya’ll

What’s goin’ on? Cam here just bloggin’ for you three people who actually read this. You can probably tell that i’m more interested in sports than KT is by now so i’m pretty pumped to go on this road trip and get  to Maryland to see Byrd stadium (where the terps play) and to Durham, North Carolina (where the blue devils play). I am a HUGE Duke lacrosse fan. If you don’t care about sports (lacrosse in particular) you should probably not read my posts from now on…i’m just lettin’ you know who I am..a sports fan. I am basically a dude…but not. I got that Fox Sports Mobile thing on my phone just so I could check scores in class…it’s sad…i know. I’m watching the Colts/Chargers game as I write this…is tomlinson playing?…i guess not, I don’t like him anyway. I should stop. Tell your friends about this blog, it’ll get better I promise (KT named it, it’s not my fault). I’ll check back in before we leave Friday. Peace.



Oh and don’t judge my writing skills i’m just a college freshman, I sprinkle my papers with commas just for fun.


One Response to “Suuuuup ya’ll”

  1. you’re so odd cari! i had no idea you had a blog but thats totally awesome! lol! ❤ you! you’re not a dude so shut your face!!! hobag… jeez… lol!! hahahaha!

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